Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fairy Tea Birthday Party!!

So our little princess Alyvia turned 6 a few weeks ago.  At Christmas it was so exciting to see how magical she found everything.  She had amazing stories about Santa and his reindeer.  She also lost her first tooth over the holidays which brought the Tooth Fairy.  Another magical event!   Realizing how quickly they outgrow this wonderful stage as I have witnessed with my older son, I wanted to create this magical fantasy birthday party for her.  I know that she pays attention to all details and would truly appreciate the effort I put in to make this fairy tea party come real. 

She was too cute, making me sit down with her and we both had a piece of paper and a pen.  We discussed who she wanted invited, what she wanted for snacks, the decorations, the games and of course the cake!  We did use google to our advantage and came across some really inspiration ideas that we could make at home. 

I am not one for spending a ton of money on a birthday, but I am the kind of person who will go and figure out how to do something for next to nothing.  I made the pom poms which hung from the ceiling, utilized my cricut to make the Happy Birthday sign and  I utilized some of my scrapbook stack that was calling my name.  From google we found a new snack we had never tried.  Oreo balls, man were they good!!  I loved them , so did everyone else!!  I covered some small chocolate bars with scrap paper to match the party colors and decorated the dining room to match the theme.  I found some cute jars for the candy at the thrift store. 

 On Alyvia's menu (which I didn't get pictures of) was bruschetta on a baguette, homemade pizza, a veggie tray, Oreo balls, milk chocolate bars, chocolate covered raisins and caramel kisses.  The kids loved the dessert buffet!  What kid wouldn't, it was all chocolate, my favorite! lol.  To me parties don't need to be expensive...just be creative!  I probably spent about $100 on this party, that included all the food, beverages, cake, decorations, games, everything!  Pretty darn good, I think and my pretty princess loved it!

The cake Alyvia designed was to match the occasion. She wanted a big tea cup on top of a round cake with a fairy in the cup.  I didn't think it looked very good, so I put the fairy down beside the cup.  Her design also didn't have anything on the front of the cake, so I added the swag to make the cake flow better.  She also had wanted a brown horse at the bottom of the cake.  This part, I was just so exhausted I didn't quite get to it.  Alyvia was fine without the horse, next year maybe!

I still can't believe my little girl is 6!  WOW! 

Welcome 2011

The holidays are now over and life has gone back to normal.  My family and I had a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of love and laughter!  We've been really getting into board games as all three of our children can play now.  Even though Aidan is only 3, he is quite good at Jenga or as he calls it Jinga! lol.  It's a great game that  doesn't last too long and kids loose the patience to finish, but can be played over and over again in whatever time frame we choose. 

I had one more cake from December I didn't post, I was waiting for the pics from the fabulous Heather Duperron of Pixel Pie Photography.  She ordered this cake as part of a surprise birthday celebration for her husband.  She surprised him with a 10day guided trip moose hunting in the Yukon!  What husband wouldn't love that!!  I was so pleased she chose me to help with her party.  The cake was fun to make...I am not a fan of making manly cakes, even though I am getting more and more orders for cakes for men lately.  I struggled getting the moose horns to stay on and am happy they stayed put even with the 2 hour drive to the city.  The cake was a chocolate cake with a caramel filling.  First time trying out caramel.
"The caramel was good! It actually tasted like a maple fudge more than a caramel but we really liked it. I think it was the texture or the thickness that made it 'fudge' like. But the cake was really delicious!! It never lasted long!"
"You rock! Seriously! Wowzers!!! I'll send you some pics soon but you amaze me. Glen was really impressed and so surprised! Thank you so much for making this extra special with your fantastic talents!! :)"

Toy Story 3 Cake.  I have got to watch this movie!!  It seems to be a favorite among many kids.  This little guy loved the aliens from the movie, so we focused on them.  The cake was french vanilla.  I am getting a bit better at my figurine creations, they are still a bit dry looking, but I am slowly figuring this out.  I really love the look of the cake even though my pics don't show that the top tier was much lighter than the bottom, oh well... one day I will learn some photography skills.

Steelers Cake. I am not really a sports fan, actually I am not a sports fan at all! When I got the e-mail to make this cake I had to google Steelers. I had not a clue who this team was or what kind of sport they played! lol  For some reason I can't get the other picture to post properly on here.  The side of the cake said Steelers in black fondant. 
"Holly loved the cake.Thank you for another job well done."

Stanley Cup cake for wonderful 9 year old twin girls.  They are such hockey fans and their mom thought this would be a great finish to the party!  The cake was made partly from rice krispies treats.  Alot of silver painting went into this one.  It was a fun and quite easy cake to make!
"The twins loved it so did I !!!!!!!!! Thank you! "

This cake came along when I was having a very difficult week!  Thank goodness it was for a friend of mine who understood what I was going though and we changed the look of the cake.  Initially I wanted the cake to look like the toy that is on top of this one.  Since last year I did his Buzz Lightyear car and it turned out great, I thought why not try again this year!   The Battle Force 5 cake with Captain Kalus' car on top was a success as he did not know what his cake was going to look like.  It was actually nice to make a buttercream only cake, but I did add fondant for the accents.

Spiderman Cake.  I love the look of this cake!!  The client just told me she wanted a white cake with a wed drawn on it and spiderman's face in the middle.  I thought having the face more of a 2D look instead of flat would make a bigger statement!  It was not a heck of a lot more work and just makes spiderman stand out more without the web taken over him.  I made this cake the morning of the party because my sister and I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning  scrapbooking...I just wasn't in the cakey mood! lol  I attended the party with my three kidlets and got alot of great comments.  I was also referred to as the cake lady by a few women introducing me!  lmao! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flour, eggs, sugar and BUTTER!!

Sometimes looking back at my grocery list people who don't know I make alot of cakes, must wonder...  I purchase a lot of flour, eggs, sugar and butter.  I usually get someone to pick up the butter in the city where it is much cheaper and I get them to buy 30lbs at a time.  They must look pretty funny pushing that shopping cart around with all that butter.  lol.  Thanks Steph!!  A 10 lb bag of flour lasts less than a month sometimes and a 10 lb bag of sugar only a few weeks.  For the month of December, I took on only a few cakes at the beginning of the month and then it was break time for me.  I noticed my grocery bill drastically decrease!

Anyways here are the cakes from November and December. Thanks for checking my cakes out!!

Some quick french vanilla cupcakes

1st Birthday Cake with smash cake.  I love how the bow turned out on this one!! Sometimes  I don't make enough ribbons and then they break and I don't have a full enough bow!
"Its was awesome!!!! everyone really enjoyed it, and it didnt last us to long.. lol.. thanks again for making it.. you do an amazing job!!"
 The Cranberry Wedding cake belongs here, but I can't seem to get the pictures to stay! lol

Backyardigans Topsy Turvy Cake with fondant/gumpaste figurines.  I had a customer ask for a similar cake like the Toopy and Binoo I came up with this.  I still struggle with molding the figurines, but hopefully soon I can get them to stay together better and not look so dry.  Any suggestions??
"It looked amazing! thank you so much. I wanted to to call you the second i saw it but i had a million things to do. Everyone loved it. we spent about half an hour staring at the cake and taking pictures before actually cutting into it. Kadegeh really enjoyed the smash cake. She dug in with both hands i'll send you a pic when i transfer them onto the computer. I have to say the french vanilla flavor is unlike anything i've ever tasted... so good that was everyone's favorite. "

Thank you for adding such a special cake to my daughter's special day.

Lego Cake.  Yes, I know none of the blocks are straight, but in defence this was carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  The cream cheese kept softening and the fondant would just slide right off.  I kept putting it in the refrigerator, but this was the best I could do.
"It was perfect. He loved it. Thanks so much :)"

75th Birthday cake for a very deserving woman.  It was an honor to make this cake for Caroline.  She has done so much for so many people!!  She loved the cake and didn't want it cut, so she froze it! I think it's so funny when people do that, but she said she wanted to save it for Christmas!

Princess Cake for a friend of mine.  Check out Ashley's website here.  She is an amazing, accomplished photographer!! 

My baby boy's 3rd birthday.  *tear*  Where has the time gone!  He loves monster trucks, especially grave digger.  Most kids sleep with a teddy bear or doll...not Aidan, he sleeps with his grave digger! lol.  The cake isn't perfect or up to my expectations that's for sure.  I made it the morning of the party in only a few hours, because there was so much more to do.  He still loved it and recognized it as Grave Digger and that's all that matters.  Don't you just love his hat!! lmao! 

Here's the cake that won't co-operate!!  It's staying down here I guess.  This was a Christmas wedding in November.  The decos were very nice, not too Christmasy, but more classic looking.  She really wanted cranberries on the cake, so this worked and she also wanted Poinsettias, but it just made the cake look too crowded.

There are still two more cakes that need posted, but they won't work for me today...maybe I will try later on or tomorrow or knowing me, they will be posted in January! 

Anyways Thanks for looking, and come back in January, I have a busy month!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall 2010 Cakes

My favorite season by far is FALL!  This fall wasn't as nice as usual though.  We had a lot of rain, well the whole month of September was rain.  October was beautiful.  My husband and I attended a wedding in October and it was so hot it felt like July.  It was wonderful!  Here are the cakes from September and October.

A Simple Buttercream Wedding Cake

Super cute Mario Brothers cupcake toppers. 

Mario and Luigi turned out great!

The Smurf House.  This was cute at home, then came the ride down the bumpiest road and when I got to my friend's home, this is what the cake looked like.  The bottom looked like it was about to collapse and the balcony was falling over.  She still loved it and so did everyone else despite the
"I so love smurfs............the best bday cake I ever had!"

Gumpaste Leaves Wedding cake.  All real cake with way too many gumpaste leaves dusted with lustre dust.  I do really love the chocolate brown fondant.  It's a nice change than all the white wedding cakes we always see.
" Thank You, it was a fairytale come true for me :) Your cake was gorgeous, just like I had imagined it!! And it tastes great!it was delicious! And so thick :)Thank you again Andrea, it was perfect!!"

A super quick cake I made for my aunt's sister.  I wanted this cake to be fantastic, but family circumstances came first and I was left with hardly any time.  I still owe Teresa a naked man! lol
"everyone loved the taste of the cake. Lots of compliments were made"

Twilight Cakes.  Very fun and I used edible images for the first time.  I was a bit intimidated by them, but they are very easy to apply and look amazing when there is much detail, such as faces to be put on the cake.  I will be using these again!
"Hey Andrea,the girls absolutely loved their cakes...It was a total fiasco when it came time to cut the cakes,they didn't want Jacob and Edward cut up LOL..Finally had to cut the heads off Jacob and Edward for the girls to eat and we were able to cut the cakes LMAO..Thanks so much for 2 more awesome cakes"

Another pension cheque cake.

I really love this one!  I love the colors and I love the simplicity.  The client loved the cake I did last January with the same colors.  She wanted the same cake, but I hate doing cakes again and again, so I asked it I could change it up and tada!! 

Side view, because I love this cute little 2-tier!

Wedding cake gone Birthday cake! 
"She loved it. Everyone thought that it was so pretty. Thank you so much for making it on such a busy weekend! "

More pension cheque cakes!

LMAO!! I really don't know what to say about this one.  I just laugh every time I see it! lol
"The cake, everyone loved it and it looked and tasted so good. Thank you again!!!!!! "


These topsy turvies are so much fun!  As well as Toopy and Binoo!!  We couldn't find figurines anywhere, so I molded these.   I find they turned out pretty well.  My daughter sculpted the little Patchy Patch.  I wasn't going to make him, but she insisted and I had to add it to the finished cake! 
"We all loved it! It was a hit with the kids, thanks so much!!"

Fall weddings are so beautiful!  I love this simple white cake with all the flowers.  The colors just make the cake stand out! 

It's A Boy!  I  utilized my Cricut and made some cupcake sticks.

Austin wanted a cake for his french class at school.  I stayed up late making this one for him.  He said everyone loved it!

Halloween Birthday Cake with cupcakes.  Just buttercream.  After working with so much fondant, it's hard to get back into piping with buttercream again.

I love simple wedding cakes.  Not because they are far less work for me, but because they really bring out the elegance of a wedding.  I wanted to try the larger tier in the middle and it looks so good!  This was one heavy cake!  I delivered it 2 hours away from  my home and below is a pic of the beautiful bride and groom! 
" It turned out absolutely beautiful!!!!! You did a great job. It didn't just look good it tasted amazing too! Me and Vinny were upset we didn't get to eat more of it"

More to come for November!