Sunday, August 23, 2009

WOW!! Summer just flew by...

So it's already coming to the end of August. My garden froze over 2 weeks ago and the grass is looking pretty brown. Where did the summer go?? I was very busy making cakes and doing everyday Mom stuff. Since my husband works away, I'll constantly doing something! Here are my July creations.

The most simple cake ever, but turned out cute. This was a marble cake with french buttercream filling.

A friend of mine asked for a naked woman cake and I was caught off guard because I never thought I'd make a cake like this. I'm no artist and defiantly cannot draw people, never mind a voluptuous naked woman!! So I googled naked woman and boy did I get a lot of interesting things! Finally after a while, I came across this animated girl and thought she looked easy enough to draw. I think the outcome turned out great!

Transformers... This was a very, very heavy cake. The 12" cake was homemade carrot with cream cheese icing. I wish I was invited to that party! Yum! I tried a new technique for the drawing of Optimus Prime, not overly proud of how he turned out, but the customer loved it! I can't believe how much detail went into this one. The chocolate cupcakes surrounded the cake and had chocolate garnishes saying 'Happy Birthday Jacob'.

Thomas was fun and I had a lot of fun creating him! I love it when a customer tells me to do whatever I want and gives me free range on all the decorations. I was very busy that week, so time pushed a bit and I didn't quite get the red icing to turn red, it was kinda pinky red, but the Mom was so awesome and easy going, she just loved it despite the color.

My first cupcake cake, which by the way is such a great idea! My husband's birthday fell on a weekend when he wasn't home and I was super busy with a wedding and another customer cake. He told me "My wife makes cakes and I don't even get one", so I waited until he was gone and the kids and I researched deer pictures on google. Ryan is a big time hunter and I wanted him to LOVE his cake. We were also going out camping and the cupcakes made it easier than having to wash plates and spoons. I am very proud, I free handed the entire and I think it looks quite well. Ryan was so surprised and very happy that we didn't forget about him!

Baby Shower cupcakes for Maxwell. Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes with the letter 'M' for Maxwell to welcome his arrival!

Party for a Princess. Shea turned 1 and brought it in as a beautiful princess. After making this I now know a few different techniques I could've used instead and it would've looked more flawless, but turned out fairly well. All piping was with royal icing.

Such a fun cake for a cute little sweetie. Zoe's 1st birthday. This is not my design, but the Mom wanted this cake and I replicated it. Very fun and interesting, the rainbow slide took a little work, but finally came together 20min before pick up.

My brother was married on July 25th and I was asked to make the cake. I was so excited and I love the colors they choose. Yellow and blue, they just complimented eachother so well. The was 130 cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate and a 8" double layer marble cake with french buttercream filling. At the end of the wedding, there were no cupcakes left! I love it when my cakes get eaten and aren't wasted! I love the display of this cake and cupcakes, I had to post more pics than usual!

Since it's almost the end of August and I just got to busy to blog since the beginning of July...I am promising I will blog all my August creations next weekend. I have a few wedding cakes and some birthday cakes and my son's real birthday is next Friday, so I am excited to create his cake. Austin has built some Lego dune buggies and wants a landscapes cake with mud holes and trails...this should be interesting. At least he can help because it's only us that going to eat it!