Friday, July 2, 2010

I am so glad I'm done!!

I've never had such a busy weekend for orders!!  It seems there is always one weekend out of every month that everyone seems to want to have their celebration of some sort.  For June it was on the 26th and 27th.  I had so many orders coming in, I had to decline about 4, which I really hate doing, but I'd already committed to far too much.  I had 6 cakes, 6!!  What was I thinking??  And to top everything off I had to go camping with Austin's class on Wednesday,  we brought home Alyvia's new pony and colt and my husband left for a 3 day fishing trip. It was one crazy week!

The weather was very humid which created a lot of problems in my house with the cakes.  Once I laid the fondant over the buttercream the cake instantly began to sweat.  Now, this has never happened to me before and I was very clueless on what to do.  Most of the cakes became super  sticky and gross.   I did eventually set up a fan in the house and it helped  a bit.  On one of the 2-tiers, it was so yucky, when I put the 2nd tier on, everything went down hill.  The bottom tier began to collapse and I had to quickly remove the top tier.  The bottom tier however had to be stripped of the fondant and re-iced (all the lettering was already done too!).  I was just about ready to cry!

All in all, the cakes did get finished with all the hurdles that I was forced to jump.  I've learned to never take on as many cakes as I did.  I became too overwhelmed and frustrated.

25th Anniversary Fishing Cake~french vanilla cake.
65th Birthday Pension Cheque~Red Velvet Cake
25th Anniversary Life Cake~Chocolate
This is the cake that gave me so much grief!  The final product still wasn't up to my expectations, but I couldn't fix it in any way with the time frame I was on.
1st Birthday Square Cake, Cupcakes and Baby Blocks ~ French Vanilla and Banana Chocolate

My first gumpaste rose on the square cake as well as my first time making the baby blocks.  They were really very time consuming!
Transformers 2-tier ~ French Vanilla with custard filling
Bridal Shower~ French Vanilla
not my design, but I loved it!  I made this Sunday morning!
Father's Day Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes
I had to post these!  This is Alyvia's design.  She just told me to ice the cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and she decorated the rest.  I love her design!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pics, lots more coming.  I have any extremely busy summer booked with lots of weddings and birthdays!  Stay Tuned!!