Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FUN, FUN, Fondant!

I was asked by a mother of a girl in my daughter's class if I would make a cake for her using fondant. I never actually thought about using it before, I guess it's appearance of perfection always scared me away. Well I got up the courage to try it out and so happy I did! I was told to just try out ready made fondant from Wilton's, but since I never get to the city, I thought I'd try making it myself. It wasn't that bad! I watched a few videos on youtube and some people were taking hours to make a 3 pound batch, but I did find a clip that was quick and easy! Very messy, but I don't mind getting dirty! The fondant turned out very good, too sweet for my liking, but I iced the cake with SMBC underneath, so the fondant can always be stripped away and the cake eaten without. Alyvia, my daughter, was such a great helper and I think the cake turned out super, for my first time! I am looking forward to working lots with rolled fondant.