Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes...

Things around home since August have been overwhelming! Austin started grade 3 and turned 8, which is still hard to believe! It feels like I was in high school not that long ago. Alyvia started kindergarten, which didn't pan out very well, she only lasted 3 weeks and Ryan and I pulled her out. She was crying and said she missed mommy and home. I couldn't bear watching her first experience with school be so upsetting. She fill return next September. Aidan turned 2, 2!!!...still can't believe my last little child is no longer a baby. *tear* The kids are growing, which means I'm getting older...I will celebrate my 27th birthday in February.

The cake orders have been coming along great! I did a total of 37 cakes from August until now. I've tried some new recipes, some which were great and some which flopped. I learnt a few new techniques and got some new tools. I really love meeting new people and trying to make a cake that will compliment their likes and/or personalities. I will be posting a few at a time, since I'd be here all day if I posted all 37! I hope you like!
A quick cake I made for friends of ours...I was leaving to Saskatchewan for holidays and had a few last minute orders. I am not fully satisfied with this cake, as I wished I had more time to learn how to make better flowers. One day...
This was another cake I made just before I left on holidays. I dropped it off in LLB as I was passing through heading to Cold Lake. Monster Jam was for these two little boys, I love their names!
When I got back from holidays, I had a wedding the next weekend. Now, I was very nervous for this cake because I'd never done anything quite so difficult yet. I dealt with the bride all via facebook, which probably wasn't the best to do, but I just didn't have time and neither did she to meet up. I actually never even met her until 4 months after her wedding! Crazy! She was one very trusting and wonderful bride. I am really happy with the finished product!! This is one of my favorite wedding cakes!
The next weekend I had a busy one. I had two weddings and one birthday. The first one I will post later, as the pics didn't load properly. But this was the second. It was for two people who I've known for years. They wanted a chocolate wrapped cake. I was scared I couldn't deliver! I did a lot of research and a trial to see how it was even possible to wrap an iced cake in white chocolate. This cake caused me tears at midnight the day before the wedding... my husband was working up in Conklin and I was home alone with three little kidlets sleeping. I just wanted someone to vent to about my troubles. I did use facebook as a venting place and cursed about how much I hate chocolate, even though it is one of my favorite things! In the end it all worked out, there are a few mistakes, as in everything, this was a learning process and new technique. The fresh blueberries really complimented the white chocolate.
Here is the birthday cake I did that same weekend. Now looking back and writing about this, I wonder how I managed to not go loopy! The little girl loves animals and I wanted to create something that was cute, age appropriate and fun. I think the outcome turned out wonderful!
My oldest son's birthday was the last weekend in August. Austin turned 8 years old!! He designed his own cake, just told me what to do and where he wanted everything. We had his party out at the lake because the weather was so beautiful and who wants to sit inside?? The kids went swimming and we roasted hot was a great day. The cake however was a different story. I didn't take a picture at home like I usually do, I thought I'd just take one a the lake once we got there. IT was +35 degrees celcius and it was melting the icing...Ryan was backing up the camper and I had to guide. I place the cake on the fire pit grill (not sure why), and continued to guide Ryan. Well, I'm obviously not a very good guide, he ended up hitting the fire grill with the truck sending the cake flying onto the ground. It didn't get dirty, which was lucky, but the whole cake shifted and looked a little messed. All in all, it was still good to eat and everyone loved it, but I learned to take a picture before bringing the cake anywheres.
More to come!