Monday, June 21, 2010

Beautiful Butterflies!

It was a super hot week this past one.  I had a huge wedding order and one birthday cake.  I really didn't want to be inside baking on such wonderful days, so I paced myself and made what I could ahead of time and crunched everything else into the last day and a half.  I was contacted only a couple of months ago to make this wedding cake and cupcakes and I am so glad I had an opening for it.  I absolutely LOVE it!  The cake was something so different and non-traditional.  The butterflies were a new one for me as well, but I love how they turned out :) .  I made 150 of them and painted them all with lustre dust.  The cake was red velvet on top, french vanilla in the middle and deep chocolate on the bottom.  All the cupcakes were a mix of flavors with my yummy vanilla SMBC and a new dark chocolate buttercream.  So Yummy!! 

And the birthday Thomas the Train cake.  I think every three year old loves Thomas!  My little guy went crazy over this cake.  I tried out my new lettering.   I found it difficult to use, but I will just need to practice a bit more.  The gumpaste kept sticking and then ripping...any suggestions on what I could do to make it easier and more clean looking??

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lightning McQueen

A cousin of Ryan's whom we haven't spoken to in  a really long time called a few weeks ago.  She saw my cakes somewhere and wanted one for her little guy.  Even though the Disney movie Cars has been out for years, the Lightning McQueen is still a favorite for many little boys!  Scott is obsessed.  He loves McQueen so much that his mom wanted a replica made out of cake.  I was pretty excited, well because I've seen alot of cakes on google, but hadn't had my chance to create this one yet.  She decided on banana chocolate,  which is such a yummy moist cake and worked great for this 3D cake. 

Austin had soccer on the Saturday and the party was Sunday.  I thought we'd be home by 2pm and we didn't get home until 9pm!  I hadn't baked the cake yet, never mind made icing or fondant.  Yikes, I think I was starting to panic!  So I was up until 11pm baking...then had to wait for them to cool.  I decided to just go to bed because I was so exhausted from spending almost 10hours in the sun at the soccer tournament.  Sunday morning I woke up and got to work.  I made the icing, fondant, carved the cake, crumb coated it, iced it, and laid the fondant on all in 4 hours!  I was so amazed.  I am very happy with this cake and so were the kids at the party.  When we brought the cake out, all the kids were screaming and pointing at the cake.  They had which part they wanted to eat.  It was so cute!