Friday, October 29, 2010

Beautiful August!

August was another  busy usual!  lol.  We did some camping, swimming and had my big boy's 9th birthday.  August is a sign that summer is coming to an end.  Take advantage of all the nice weather, even if it's raining a bit, soon the snow will be flying :(  I booked a few to many cakes this month, which took away a bit of my time and I will know for next year to book at least one full week off in August. 

A simple Transformers BumbleBee Cake.  The client put a BumbleBee car on the top later on.  All buttercream at request of the client.
"The boys Birthday cake!!! Thanks Andrea it was so yummy!!"

I was VERY nervous with this cake!!  I cannot even describe what was going through my mind in creating and delivering this one.  It was a first, a BIG first.  I had never done a topsy turvy cake nevermind a topsy turvy wedding cake!  I think it turned out absolutely amazing.  I love the color choice of the bride as well as having the black tier to offset the white.  The entire cake was styrofoam.  This baby was heavy.  I had to deliver it to Edmonton, which is about 2 hours south of where I live, on a very hot, humid August day!  With my luck, my truck's air conditioning crapped out and I had to run to my sister for help.  She drove me and the cake safely there.  It was a nerve racking trip for sure!  Once there and all set up, I was filled with pride of my accomplishment.  I had to share a few more pics! 

Here's me and my baby boy!

I didn't know what to say when I got this order.  It was a bit interesting!  LMAO!

More boobs.  These have become quite popular!  This request included a zebra print bra. lol 
Wizards of Waverly Place.  I've never actually heard of the show, but the client brought forth a picture of a cake she wanted me to replicate.  I changed the picture to the birthday girl.  Not sure who to credit for this...  it's a cute idea.
"Hey Andrea,Amy loved the cake..She was so happy when she saw it.Everyone commented on what an awesome cake it was and what a great job you did on it.Thanks so much again Andrea"

No this is not a butt!  My husband told me it looked like a butt.  It's an apron for a bridal shower.  Those are boobs and straps hunny! lol
"Everything went so good:) The cake was amazing!! I got so many complients!! Even both my Grandmas approved:) Anyways, I can't thank you enough. The cake was a hit and we ate the whole thing!! "
"Hey Andrea, Just wanted to say thank you for my gorgeous shower cake. You did such a wonderful job!  Thank you!!"

The guitar cake was HUGE!!  I was worried I couldn't get it to look well because I have never worked on such a large scale one layer cake, but I think it turned out well.

A replica of a wedding cake designed by someone else... again not sure who to credit.  The pleated swags turned out perfect!!  I found a great totorial  which helped me to create the flawless look of swagging.  When I first saw swags on a cake I thought they were ugly, but they have definatley grown on me.  They make a simple cake look very elegant and I can't wait to use them on another cake in the future!

My son, Austin's 9th birthday cake.  He couldn't decide for weeks on end what kind of cake to have.  I could imagine being a kid with a mom who makes all sorts of cakes, trying to figure out exactly what to have and what will be the coolest.  He finally, the day before his birthday decided on this.  He handed me the smallest little lego figurine and asked my to replicate it for his cake.  I excitedly took on the challenge and added a few Lego blocks around to add color.   The cake was such a hit.  My nephew said he couldn't stop starring at the cake, it was just so cool! lol

My handsome 9 year old.  So proud of his cake!

Sea turtle cake with matching cuppies for a 1st birthday. 

Thanks for looking, I will try to get up September's cake soon!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Been AWHILE!!!

Well what can I has been busy! I think I use that as my excuse all the time! lol. Not sure how else to explain myself. It's not that I haven't made cakes, I've made MANY!! I really need to get my butt in gear and post all of them. I am very proud of my accomplishments this summer with over ten weddings and numerous birthday and theme cakes, oh and some new adult cakes. I've learned new techniques and tried new tools. It's great to look back and reflect on where I started with cakes, not even having it in mind that I would ever create this many cakes in my life! It all started with my son's 1st birthday cake just under 2 years ago and now I have created over 100 cakes...I should count them one day! :D
I will post a few now and then when I get the chance, which hopefully will be soon, I will post the rest. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my cake creations!! :)

Some of 200 Canada Day Cupcakes made in red velvet and french vanilla for Tartan (an oil company to donate to the Canada Day Celebration up in Conklin.

The picture of this cake is unfinished!  The groom forgot the flowers and I could not make it there the next day to put on the flowers.  The flowers were suppose to be turquoise gerbera daisies, which would've looked awesome on this cake!!  But, the next day the flowers were forgotten about again and they improvised with some small white daisies out of the bride's flower bed.  They did not get a picture of the cake, so this is all I have.  A little disappointing, but whatever.  Anyways...the rubber boot and moccasin I thought were such a cute idea.  I molded these out of fondant.  The rubber boot was to symbolize the groom being from the East Coast and the moccasin to symbolize the bride being of Metis status. 

Unisex Baby Shower Cake.  The client designed the cake.  I have never had such detailed instructions before.  She was very thorough!  I love her ideas though!!
"thanks for the wonderful cake, it was yummy and everyone liked the design. Good job."

Seashell Cupcake Wedding.   Chocolate, Butter Yellow and Carrot Cupcakes with a Carrot Cutting Cake.   I absolutely love the cake topper.  It is so pretty!! :)

Not my design, but I found it on google and really loved it!  Not sure who to give credit to.  The whole cake was french vanilla and I really enjoyed making this one!

I made this Power Rangers cake the day after we got back from holidays.  To be honest, I actually forgot all about this cake and I had to really rush it.  IT was for a friend, which I am glad!  She still loved it and the birthday boy got a giggle out of it!
"Totally loved the cake!"

I LOVE Littlest Pet Shop!!  I wish they were around when I was 5!!  I made all the cupcake pics out of cardstock and dressed them up with a couple of flowers at the bottom.  A great idea for a kids birthday cake.  The kids can enjoy the cuppies and later on the family can have the cake.
"Zoey so loved her cake!!!! Thanks so much! "

My first experience with a square wedding cake.   I finally got my pans in just in time for this one.  It was a pleasure to make a cake for a friend I hadn't seen or talked to in probably 8 years.   Turns out she doesn't even live that far away either!  I had a chuckle when I saw the cake topper she picked out.  It reminds me of when we were in England together just over 10 years ago.  Fun Times...  The pedestals were a heirloom passed down from a few generations and I am glad we could fit them into the design she wanted.   I had never used pedestals before, so I was a bit iffy, but they make the cake look amazing!!

Well, thanks for being patient with me.  I will post some more later on.  Thanks!!