Thursday, December 16, 2010

Flour, eggs, sugar and BUTTER!!

Sometimes looking back at my grocery list people who don't know I make alot of cakes, must wonder...  I purchase a lot of flour, eggs, sugar and butter.  I usually get someone to pick up the butter in the city where it is much cheaper and I get them to buy 30lbs at a time.  They must look pretty funny pushing that shopping cart around with all that butter.  lol.  Thanks Steph!!  A 10 lb bag of flour lasts less than a month sometimes and a 10 lb bag of sugar only a few weeks.  For the month of December, I took on only a few cakes at the beginning of the month and then it was break time for me.  I noticed my grocery bill drastically decrease!

Anyways here are the cakes from November and December. Thanks for checking my cakes out!!

Some quick french vanilla cupcakes

1st Birthday Cake with smash cake.  I love how the bow turned out on this one!! Sometimes  I don't make enough ribbons and then they break and I don't have a full enough bow!
"Its was awesome!!!! everyone really enjoyed it, and it didnt last us to long.. lol.. thanks again for making it.. you do an amazing job!!"
 The Cranberry Wedding cake belongs here, but I can't seem to get the pictures to stay! lol

Backyardigans Topsy Turvy Cake with fondant/gumpaste figurines.  I had a customer ask for a similar cake like the Toopy and Binoo I came up with this.  I still struggle with molding the figurines, but hopefully soon I can get them to stay together better and not look so dry.  Any suggestions??
"It looked amazing! thank you so much. I wanted to to call you the second i saw it but i had a million things to do. Everyone loved it. we spent about half an hour staring at the cake and taking pictures before actually cutting into it. Kadegeh really enjoyed the smash cake. She dug in with both hands i'll send you a pic when i transfer them onto the computer. I have to say the french vanilla flavor is unlike anything i've ever tasted... so good that was everyone's favorite. "

Thank you for adding such a special cake to my daughter's special day.

Lego Cake.  Yes, I know none of the blocks are straight, but in defence this was carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  The cream cheese kept softening and the fondant would just slide right off.  I kept putting it in the refrigerator, but this was the best I could do.
"It was perfect. He loved it. Thanks so much :)"

75th Birthday cake for a very deserving woman.  It was an honor to make this cake for Caroline.  She has done so much for so many people!!  She loved the cake and didn't want it cut, so she froze it! I think it's so funny when people do that, but she said she wanted to save it for Christmas!

Princess Cake for a friend of mine.  Check out Ashley's website here.  She is an amazing, accomplished photographer!! 

My baby boy's 3rd birthday.  *tear*  Where has the time gone!  He loves monster trucks, especially grave digger.  Most kids sleep with a teddy bear or doll...not Aidan, he sleeps with his grave digger! lol.  The cake isn't perfect or up to my expectations that's for sure.  I made it the morning of the party in only a few hours, because there was so much more to do.  He still loved it and recognized it as Grave Digger and that's all that matters.  Don't you just love his hat!! lmao! 

Here's the cake that won't co-operate!!  It's staying down here I guess.  This was a Christmas wedding in November.  The decos were very nice, not too Christmasy, but more classic looking.  She really wanted cranberries on the cake, so this worked and she also wanted Poinsettias, but it just made the cake look too crowded.

There are still two more cakes that need posted, but they won't work for me today...maybe I will try later on or tomorrow or knowing me, they will be posted in January! 

Anyways Thanks for looking, and come back in January, I have a busy month!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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