Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fairy Tea Birthday Party!!

So our little princess Alyvia turned 6 a few weeks ago.  At Christmas it was so exciting to see how magical she found everything.  She had amazing stories about Santa and his reindeer.  She also lost her first tooth over the holidays which brought the Tooth Fairy.  Another magical event!   Realizing how quickly they outgrow this wonderful stage as I have witnessed with my older son, I wanted to create this magical fantasy birthday party for her.  I know that she pays attention to all details and would truly appreciate the effort I put in to make this fairy tea party come real. 

She was too cute, making me sit down with her and we both had a piece of paper and a pen.  We discussed who she wanted invited, what she wanted for snacks, the decorations, the games and of course the cake!  We did use google to our advantage and came across some really inspiration ideas that we could make at home. 

I am not one for spending a ton of money on a birthday, but I am the kind of person who will go and figure out how to do something for next to nothing.  I made the pom poms which hung from the ceiling, utilized my cricut to make the Happy Birthday sign and  I utilized some of my scrapbook stack that was calling my name.  From google we found a new snack we had never tried.  Oreo balls, man were they good!!  I loved them , so did everyone else!!  I covered some small chocolate bars with scrap paper to match the party colors and decorated the dining room to match the theme.  I found some cute jars for the candy at the thrift store. 

 On Alyvia's menu (which I didn't get pictures of) was bruschetta on a baguette, homemade pizza, a veggie tray, Oreo balls, milk chocolate bars, chocolate covered raisins and caramel kisses.  The kids loved the dessert buffet!  What kid wouldn't, it was all chocolate, my favorite! lol.  To me parties don't need to be expensive...just be creative!  I probably spent about $100 on this party, that included all the food, beverages, cake, decorations, games, everything!  Pretty darn good, I think and my pretty princess loved it!

The cake Alyvia designed was to match the occasion. She wanted a big tea cup on top of a round cake with a fairy in the cup.  I didn't think it looked very good, so I put the fairy down beside the cup.  Her design also didn't have anything on the front of the cake, so I added the swag to make the cake flow better.  She also had wanted a brown horse at the bottom of the cake.  This part, I was just so exhausted I didn't quite get to it.  Alyvia was fine without the horse, next year maybe!

I still can't believe my little girl is 6!  WOW! 

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